Design is an aspect that encapsulates all my work. I also use it as a term to define my studies in Still Life photography. Since many of my Still Life subjects are studied for their strong design aspects.

Such an interest in Design translates into my Fashion work. A term Neo-classical would be my description of the studies in Fashion. In that, I visit classic looks and themes, then I approach them with a lighting scheme and post-production treatment.

To me, Portraiture is very similar to Landscapes in that they are not necessarily defined by the subject but rather what defines that subject to me. Which can be characterized in many forms, at times resulting from those random thoughts and ideas. A silhouette, a shadow, or an inanimate object could be as meaningful approach than photographing a featured personality.

Rather than being defined by subject matter, I refer to my work as a series of studies that include conceptualized random thoughts and ideas. These studies in Fashion, Portraiture, Landscapes and Design are the fields that interest me the most.