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For over 20 years, the study of photography has taken me across Canada and beyond to exotic parts of the world. What began as a passion, grew into a career that brought me from my hometown of Vancouver to Toronto and eventually my home in Guelph, that I share with my lovely wife and two sons. We moved to Guelph because it reminded us so much of our Vancouver lifestyle, as well as, the great people upon this lovely backdrop.

What began as passion of Fine Art Photography led to a career in Commercial Photography. A career that has been a lifelong study of photography, ranging from award winning Still Life work to Fashion photography.

My approach to Weddings, Family Portraits and Commissioned work is the same as how I approach my Commercial work, with the utmost professionalism. Having worked for some of the largest Advertising Agencies and Publishing Companies in the world, I have learned not to take chances and to produce the best work possible.